Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ready for Spring

Yes, we are all ready for spring to get here. Poor Sydney has been sick for over 2 wks...we had 3 Doctor visits and finally they gave her an antibiotic....I guess after 2 weeks of fever, coughing and congestion , runny nose it turns into bronchitis and and ear infection....need I say it has been a LONG 2 wks and Sydney is not a very pleasant sick baby. Along with her temper and being totally was a challenge. However, she seems to be recovering and the pleasant little cutie is finally back. She did however think of me and decided to share the virus turned bronchitis/ear infection with me.....Oh well...I much rather be sick than her....lets hope it ends with me. So I have been somewhat out of commission and not in the mood to blog.

Good news is my friend Sarah is on her way home with her baby boy from Vietnam. He is so cute....looks well fed!!! This has been such a stressful time for her (and anyone who adopts) I am so glad she finally has her baby.

Really not a lot new on this end...the boys are doing good....Tommy is at an academic team conference and Alex and Anthony and Daddy are having a play station marathon....drives me nuts. They better enjoy it now because when the weather gets nice they are banned from it. I am trying to get some cleaning done but this cold has me least I accomplished doing the laundry. Here are a few pics. The one with Sydney and Alex is when she was feeling pretty rough... The bathtub pic is her first real bath tub bath....not the kitchen sink bath.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Some more pics

I have been practicing with my camera and have been using a site a fellow blogger has recommended called You can edit and do all of this fun stuff to your pictures and I am having a blast. Right now it is 1 am and Sydney is still up. She has a virus with a high fever and has been so miserable, however the motrin has kicked in and she has decided it is play time.....I am tired and not going to make it to work tomorrow, I can't leave her with my Mom when she is sick like this. The Doctor did check for the flu and it was negative so I guess we wait it out with motrin and lots of hugs...the problem is she won't sleep in my arms or in the bed with me so she is most content if I hold her and walk....the walk part is very important to her I am taking advantage of her happy time at the moment.. She is playing with her keyboard from an old computer right now. Alex, my 11 yr old is also sick....but does not feel as bad as Sydney.
My friend Sarah is in Vietnam and I am waiting for her to email me....if she happens to read this, hint, hint. Prayers for her and a speedy return home with her new son.
Well, Sydney is messing with the dog now so I need to go. Hope you enjoy the pics