Monday, June 7, 2010

Lazy Days Of Summer

Summer seems to be here as far as the weather is concerned...I think we have been in the pool more already this year compared to last year. Some hot and muggy days......but I am loving it. The pool water temp has been pleasant, not too hot or cold, just perfect. The kids are out of school and I have been picking up the habit of staying up too late reading and sleeping in, Sydney included. Just finishing the book "The Shack" interesting take on God, religion and how we perceive good and evil. It makes you think. I am looking forward to less running with the kids(to and from school, after school activities etc.) and hanging at the house working on projects and swimming. The patio garden is doing well, I have quite a few tomatoes, some peppers starting, okra, and flowers on my zucchini and squash. Funny thing is I never have any luck with the latter two I mentioned. I always get flowers....they fall off and I get NOTHING....well looks like that pattern is repeating itself so far. Why can I not grow one of the easiest things to grow???? Oh well we will wait and see.
Tom and I, well mostly Tom, are re-doing our front patio and building a sidewalk and adding a little flower bed. We are also changing the porch to our entrance at the front door....with all the remodeling, adding on etc., we have neglected the front of our house. It always bothered me...I feel like it is not real welcoming. There is no sidewalk to guide you to the just kind of walk off the driveway into it. Anyway...I will post some before and after pics will be a while before it is complete...hope to pour the cement this permitting! I get to stain the seems like In get the stain/paint jobs:)
I just received my order of goat milk soaps...I love it...great stuff, it makes your skin so soft...if anyone is interested you need to check it out....the link is to the right under "stuff I like to order".... and no I don't get a commission, they don't even know I am writing this. Just think its good stuff!
I am participating in on a blog called Creativity Boot Camp, taking pics and submitting them on flikr...not a contest or anything, just a way to set goals for yourself and challenge yourself. I am having fun with it.
Well I leave you with some pics of Sydney...we had a little photo shoot and I kind of liked them. YES I TAKE PICS OF THE BOYS, when I can catch them. They usually give me a hard time!!!