Friday, March 23, 2007


These are various pics of our remodeling, our house, the nursery and the dog....These are for you Lynn.....Finally

The only other girl in this house ...KOHL

mural I painted on kitchen wall

Dining room remodel

Kitchen remodel job

Nursery Pics

Nursery pics


The adoption paper chase is still going on. We are waiting for our passports (which should be here around April 9Th ) and for immigration. Our home study should be mailed to immigration within the next week and hopefully things will move smoothly after that. Our friend Vickie who works with Tom gave us a ton of baby things....she is moving and did not want to take them with her. So we had to go get the stuff before she moves. WOW we don't need much...she gave us a crib, car seats, bouncer chair, stroller, an exersaucer, tub, potty, toys, toddler bed etc. So we moved our office to the spare bedroom and started on the nursery....a little early but we had nowhere else to store it. I'm so excited. I did however purchase the crib sheet set from eBay a month ago because I am going with the "cow over the moon theme." Tom had bought me a painting for my birthday a few years ago and it is that theme and I love the painting and wanted to go with it. It is not frilly and pink but the stars I painted on the walls in the nursery are glittery and I think it is fine for a girl. I am posting some of the nursery is a smaller room but good for a nursery, its close to our bedroom. When she gets older she can have a bigger room. The boys played with the toys in the nursery more than they played with the toys they had when they were babies.....go figure.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 9,2007
We started our Adoption Fund Raiser today. We are doing a raffle for a $225.00 Gold Canyon Candle basket loaded full of wonderful scents. The drawing will be on March 31, 2007. This will help to offset the adoption expenses. If all goes well, we may have one or 2 more raffles. This will help get rid of some of my candle stock. ( I am a demonstrator for Gold Canyon Candles) We are also going to have a big yard sale at Tom's work to help raise funds and spring clean too!

January 2007

January 2007

We received the home study packet and chose our placement agency. We decided to go with Small Miracles and adopt from Guatemala. We started the home study appointments and sent back our application for Small Miracles. The boys are so excited. Alex wants the crib in his room. I reassured him he would change his mind after a night or two. I have completed the first round of the "Paper Chase."

February 2007

Due to the Governmental problems between Guatemala and the US, we have decided to switch countries...we are now adopting from Vietnam. Unfortunately the travel there is obviously more complicated and lengthy, but we are much more confident there will be less problems.
We are now going with World Child International. Fortunately the switch requires little change and we are moving along smoothly.

March 8, 2007

We have completed our final home study appt. They inspected the house and interviewed the children. It will take about 2 wks and the final draft will be completed and they can forward this last step to Immigration to process. That final process should take 60 days as long as there are no mistakes. Then we can complete our Dossier to be sent to Vietnam. According to the agency, we should be on target to travel in September. I have learned not to count on these things because adoption is never on time. We are awaiting our passports and authenticated marriage license. Those items should be here soon.

Our Vietnam Adoption Adventure

Welcome from the Rally Family. 3-10-07

We have decided, after a couple of years of discussion, to add a new member to our family. We would love to have a little girl and so our adoption adventure begins. I will back track with the dates since we came to this decision at the end of January 2007. This blog will allow me to keep track of the adoption process and be a nice diary for our new daughter.