Sunday, April 22, 2007


Ginger with her new baby

Red, Ely and Buddy

Ginger and her new baby

These are some pictures of our neighbors horses. Ginger just had her baby girl this morning and the kids wanted to take some pictures.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Hello again,
I finally received my passport on Friday. We are just waiting for immigration approval. Our church is sponsoring a big yard sale on May 5th for a "fundraiser" to help the adoption expenses. The congregation is donating items and of course I have a huge amount of yard sale stuff collected already at our house. The kids have collected clothes and old toys from their rooms to donate. We are also going to have a candle fundraiser from the candles I sell and hopefully we can raise some more. A big thank you to my friend Julie Allman who sent me a check recently to put in our "baby" fund. We really appreciate it. The kids and I went to a big consignment sale and got a lot of pretty baby clothes for cheap. 1 and 2 dollar outfits that are in beautiful condition. Not much else new....just keeping up with the boys and soccer schedules. Hopefully my next post will be about immigration approval!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

April Update


A little update about our process. We received Tom's passport in the mail last week and of course mine has not been processed yet....hopefully soon. Our homestudy was sent to immigration so really we are playing the waiting game. If all goes well we should get our approval in about 60 days but that all depends on if the paper work goes smoothly. We just pray that it does. These are pictures of some things my friend Lynn sent that were her daughter's. Thank you Samantha.....our first girly clothes and teddy bear.