Thursday, June 7, 2007


Officially, all documents are in Vietnam and our I797C is on it's way. Relief. Now a whole new set of worries.... Our adoption agency told us that we should have our referral in about one to 2 mos. That caught me by surprise. She said we are in the next group of 4 families and she actually has a "Batch " of baby referrals on her desk and one is ours. "Batch" is her they are cookies. She has to wait the proper time required by Vietnam before she can send out the referrals. Once we get one , it will be several pictures of our baby girl and a limited medical history/blood work. Our agency recommends having these evaluated by a pediatric physician before we agree to accept that referral. We found a doctor who specializes in international pediatric medicine located in Lexington and she will review the records and also supply us with info, meds etc. for our trip to pick her up. She will be available 24 hrs a day during our trip and gives us cell phone # and Internet access to contact her if any medical question should come up while we are in Vietnam. Once we accept our referral it should be 2-3 mos before we can get her.
Of course this is all speculation and nothing is definite. Just somewhat of a time line that we have been told. We did pick out a name....I'm not sure if I have posted it yet....Sydney Marie Rally....we will insert her given name somewhere...I just don't know it yet.
Until next time......

Friday, June 1, 2007

Vacation Pictures

Little monkeys on the run

I almost forgot, while we were in Animal Kingdom, the boys called..."Mom, Mom....come here...look at these little monkeys." We go over and these 3 little monkeys were standing on the hand rail and in some could have touched them....I am thinking Wow this beats that petting zoo with the goats and sheep. Tommy gets real close to take a picture. All of a sudden a worker comes with a walkie talkie and apparently these moneys escaped from their area which was surrounded by water and they usually don't cross water. The trees by the railing had grown enough and they jumped over. She said .." I'm glad you didn't touch them they have razor sharp teeth and are aggressive. What a fun trip that could have been....getting Rabi shots on our Disney trip. And out of the whole family I would have been the idiot who would try to pet the little monkey ( I didn't)


Hello Again

We have been so busy and we also went on vacation so I have not had time to write. OUR IMMIGRATION APPROVAL FINALLY ARRIVED. I mailed the copy to our agency and she will take care of the rest. All of our other papers have been sent to Vietnam for translation. She will fax a copy of the approval to Vietnam and they will start the translation knowing that they will receive the authenticated copy soon. So ....more waiting. We planned this vacation to Disney and Sanibel island 8 mos. ago before we realized we were going to officially adopt. I am so glad we went...I was worried about the money but we had already paid for the trip or we probably would not have gone considering we are adopting. We had a great time and I am glad we could enjoy it with the boys. Its much harder to travel with a baby. We brought our food into the park and took turns carrying the back pack...(I got stuck with the most) It helped cut down on the expenses. The beach was great ....we rented a beach cottage with our friends from Cape Coral.... Stan and Bonnie and their boys Easton and Everest. We saved that for last to help recover from walking all over Disney. It was a much needed vacation but it is good to be home.