Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Feels like spring to me

Hello....I am so excited because I finally figured out how 2 post more than 5 pics on a blog and also figured out how to reduce the size of the photo before posting them and now it takes like only 30 seconds to download 5...not 20 minutes...
We all have been doing great. Sydney had her shots a few weeks ago and thank God she did much better with this round. She is 29 inches tall and still only 16.13lbs...light weight. I don't know how she is not heavier...she eats EVERYTHING.
She has now started eating cherios instead of the puffed cereal for babies. She loves to crunch it with her front teeth...I think she likes the sound it makes. Her newest word is DODDIE (DOGGY) She now waves at every THING and person. She walks across the floor with a laundry basket...I think she likes it better than the actual walking toy with wheels because it moves slower and she feels more secure...I only wish she would sort the laundry ...oh well.
Sydney is going to be a year on May 19th and I cannot believe she has been with us over 6 mos already. I am starting tonight with whole milk/ formula mixture. Since she came to the US and we started her on American formula, she has had a tough time with constipation. She is on a prescription laxative...if I miss one dose...She poops rocks...I feel it is the formula. I read some other blogs that people had the same problem and they changed formulas and it stopped. Well she is almost done with formula anyway and so I am going to give it a try. Wish us luck. She looks so in distress and is miserable when leaving me her little gift in the diaper. She is drinking more juice(pear) and eats prunes, and lots of veggies I just cannot see the reason for the constipation unless it is the make up of this particular formula.
The boys are doing great, they are out of school for spring break and Alex stayed at a friends house they are going to a Legends (baseball) game in Lexington tonight. Tommy and Anthony each have a friend over and are running around in the yard with flashlights. Tom took off today because I worked and they worked on a project outside. They are digging dirt to put in a basketball court so we don't have to keep moving cars out of the driveway or repair bug deflectors on the cars because of wild basketballs hitting the vehicles. I took Sydney to my Moms to give the boys bonding time(digging time)
Congratulations to my friend Jennifer Hanks and her beautiful family....they brought Sara home from Guatemala and she is officially one of the Hanks Gang!!!! She seems to be adjusting well and looks so happy...I am truly happy for Jennifer...she is an awesome person.
Until next time....have a great week...Hope you enjoy the pictures.