Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas is fast approaching

Before you know it, Christmas will be here. We have been so busy with school and church activities, Christmas parties, Doctor appointments and after school, run, run. I am ahead this year because presents are wrapped....a few little things to get yet, however not one cookie is made(TOM) I love to cook but really dont like to bake...I dont like to measure anything and that can make for a bad batch of cookies. So Tom is the cookie maker. I am really looking forward to Christmas long as the kids don't fight..ha ha ha. I am looking forward to staying in my pj's, not dropping kids off to school and sleeping in till 8, thats when Sydney prefers to get up. I am hoping for snow sometime when they are off, hot chocolate, movies and a warm fireplace. Basically, I want to be lazy and hang out with the kids. Since I have an easy 1 day a week job (Tuesdays) I am off for 2 wks since Christmas and New Year's Day fall on a Tuesday. Well I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Great Friend, Jennifer Hanks

Hello everyone...a little update on the family. We are all doing wonderful. Sydney is so well adjusted and is a true blessing to our family. The boys are all doing great and are so helpful with Sydney...they are fantastic with her. She is spoiled rotten. Our lives have changed dramatically, and for the better....I have learned a lot about being patient through this adoption adventure and that all good things do come to those of us who wait and trust that God will make things work in his time.

However, I am writing this blog today to recognize a person who I admire dearly, and that is Jennifer Hanks. I met Jennifer over the phone about a year ago when I talked to her about advice on adoption. She has adopted three beautiful children from Guatemala. She and her husband have been so helpful to us throughout our journey. Jennifer is now in the midst of adopting her fourth child, beautiful Sara, an eight year old from Guatemala. Jennifer and her husband Tim already have visited Sara this past fall. As many of you know, adoptions from Guatamala are going through some tough times so this is a very stressful situation for the Hanks family right now.

I would like to say that no matter what Jennifer is going through, she is always more concerned about everyone else. I have never met Jennifer in person, but we talk on the phone, through emails and read each others blogs. In each blog entry I read of hers, she is always praying for friends and families who are going through tough times. She was my strength when I was in Vietnam and things were questionable about bringing Sydney home. Jennifer is so strong in her faith and truly leaves things in God's hands...knowing that the best will happen when it is time. I admire her so much for her patience and strength. Jennifer is a beautiful person, caring and selfless and I try to be like her every day...but fall pretty short. So I am asking anyone who reads this to say a prayer for the Hanks family and pray that Sara will come home soon. It is time for Jennifer to get her miracle....she prays for everyone elses... Thank you for being you Jennifer.