Sunday, April 15, 2007


Hello again,
I finally received my passport on Friday. We are just waiting for immigration approval. Our church is sponsoring a big yard sale on May 5th for a "fundraiser" to help the adoption expenses. The congregation is donating items and of course I have a huge amount of yard sale stuff collected already at our house. The kids have collected clothes and old toys from their rooms to donate. We are also going to have a candle fundraiser from the candles I sell and hopefully we can raise some more. A big thank you to my friend Julie Allman who sent me a check recently to put in our "baby" fund. We really appreciate it. The kids and I went to a big consignment sale and got a lot of pretty baby clothes for cheap. 1 and 2 dollar outfits that are in beautiful condition. Not much else new....just keeping up with the boys and soccer schedules. Hopefully my next post will be about immigration approval!

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Stacy said...

Sorry you haven't heard from me, my computer was down. Got a virous on it. Had to have a friend fix it. Hopefully this will take care of our problems. It's so good to hear that you got your passport. Everyone seems to be helping out. It's nice to have people that care. We are looking forward to your new little girl just as much as we are looking forward to our new granddaughter. I've been working on shower stuff. Jacquie is getting bigger, looks so cute. Josh got a job at Montecellos as a dishwasher "Wow how that North Hills edumecation worked out". He is going to start school in the fall. Just waiting on my settlement. I hope I can contribute to your baby fund. I wish you could come for Jacquies shower, we have plenty of room to fit everyone. We miss you all dearly and send our very best. Love Stacy