Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Get your Visa call

FINALLY...we got the call. Yipee....I am sending our passports for visa's today. Our travel date is expected to be about Sept 29th...we will know more in a week or 2. They have not scheduled the giving and receiving ceremony yet but expect it to be the first week of October. I will write more when I know. we are getting closer.


Lynn said...


I am so happy for you! Sydney will be home so soon, not soon enough, but so much closer.

As soon as you get your travel dates, I am putting all of your family on our church's prayer list.

I am so happy for you!!!!!
Sydney Marie - Mommy and Daddy on on their way! Hugs and kisses to you sweet girl!

Jennifer said...

It was so wonderful to hear from you tonight! Travel plans and journey's home are the light of our lives!!! I know that you are so excited and nervous too...but we will be saying lots of extra prayers for you.
Much love-