Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tons of Pics

I have been a very bad blogger. We have been so are out of school, I can't ever get much time on the computer and then I had an issue with my computer and uploading my pics from my camera. Sydney turned "1" on May 19th...I can't believe it. Tommy turned 14 on April 27th...ugh. We are having his party in June...he wanted to wait till our pool was open...but we did have a small family party for him already. So, I will just say that these pics are from the last 2 mos....some of Tommy,s party and Sydney's party and some between and after...all 67 of them and yes I have a few repeats in there but oh well....I will write more when I have time but wanted to get something on the blog.


Jennifer said...


What gorgeous pictures! It sure was a bunch of photos! I bet it took forever for you to load all of those! Sydney is really getting big! I can't beleive she is ONE!!

Great pictures!

Stacey said...

Great pictures! She is such and adorable and happy baby!
Stacey and Sasha