Friday, August 15, 2008

Adoption video

Hello....I know I have been out of excited I finally got our adoption video when we first received Sydney on the blog. It was not least for me...hope u will enjoy it. If I get some time I have new pics and updates on here soon.


Lynn said...

OMG!!!! Sydney looks SO tiny in this video, but she also looks so happy to meet her mommy. I loved how she was making so much eye contact with you, and smiling.

Thanks for putting this up. Cannot believe you have had her for almost a year now. Samantha would be hugging her all the time, she's so cute.

Stacy said...

Well thank you my sister, my friend for causing me to cry my eyes out. The video was so moving. It's as if you just gave birth. I miss you guys soooo much!!! We are miles apart but so close in heart. We love you all Aunt Stacy