Saturday, May 5, 2007



Not sure where to begin. A couple of weeks ago I took mom and we went to Frankfort to get our adoption documents authenticated by the state. It was a great day and we get to the building and there were a ton of steps. Mom did great. She had to use her inhaler halfway up but I was quite impressed. For those of you who don't know my mom she will be 80 in June and has COPD and uses oxygen at night. Of course we are still waiting for immigration to send the approval letter and I am becoming impatient. People here told me it only took them 2 or 3 weeks to get theirs back, we are going on the 5th week. I sent all of the original copies of our documents to the Vietnam consulate in CA, and they are processing those. I had to send our photo pages , applications for Vietnam, a large check etc. to our adoption agency in MD. I sent it priority mail since it was mainly copies and they guarantee 2 day delivery. My advice to anyone adopting (which I should have known better) NEVER SEND ANYTHING USPS, USE FED EX
!!!!!! The post office in MD has LOST my package. Tracing the package shows it got to the post office.... but not delivered. Its been over a week and well I'm cranky. I had to cancel the 2 checks which cost me 50 $ plus the photos .....I know its not the end of the world but I get discouraged and think..."Maybe its a sign I shouldn't be doing this"....Tom says "no, it's a sign people don't know how to do a job." so tomorrow I will again reprint the photos and wait for the agency to send me new things to fill out and maybe I will fly them there myself. I guess I can try Fed ex. Okay, now that my pity party is over...Good news......We worked hard this week at the church and people donated items for a yard sale in support of our adoption and we had the yard sale today. We raised $600.00 and plan to do one next week too. I had so much help from the church, Stacy and Greg Nunley, Debbie Moore, Vivian, Doris and Vernon, Phil and Joyce Fox, Sam and Ed Tye, LeeAnn Strunk, Cheryl Tinsley, Uncle Hugh and my mom......of course my kids...and Joey that includes you too ...everyone that donated the items as well as anyone I may have forgot to mention....THANK YOU....Everything helps...My candle fundraiser is going on till the 15th of May and then I give up on the fundraisers. It is exhausting and its hard to ask so much of will work out in the end. So, I will try to be optimistic that things happen for a reason and that when bad things happen ...good things can turn out from them. Adoption is just a very stressful thing with loads of paperwork and waiting, waiting, waiting. We have been blessed with three great boys and I know that someday we will be blessed with a wonderful daughter.

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Jennifer said...

IT WILL GET BETTER!!!!! It's hard, but it really does get better. There is so much out of your control... and that makes it really difficult. But God does have a plan, and He works all things together for then good...

Keep your chin up!!!