Friday, June 1, 2007


Hello Again

We have been so busy and we also went on vacation so I have not had time to write. OUR IMMIGRATION APPROVAL FINALLY ARRIVED. I mailed the copy to our agency and she will take care of the rest. All of our other papers have been sent to Vietnam for translation. She will fax a copy of the approval to Vietnam and they will start the translation knowing that they will receive the authenticated copy soon. So ....more waiting. We planned this vacation to Disney and Sanibel island 8 mos. ago before we realized we were going to officially adopt. I am so glad we went...I was worried about the money but we had already paid for the trip or we probably would not have gone considering we are adopting. We had a great time and I am glad we could enjoy it with the boys. Its much harder to travel with a baby. We brought our food into the park and took turns carrying the back pack...(I got stuck with the most) It helped cut down on the expenses. The beach was great ....we rented a beach cottage with our friends from Cape Coral.... Stan and Bonnie and their boys Easton and Everest. We saved that for last to help recover from walking all over Disney. It was a much needed vacation but it is good to be home.

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Jennifer said...

Ruth -

Congratulations! What an exciting time for you...and what ahuge relief!

Keep posting... I love reading about your family!

Have a good weekend!