Friday, June 1, 2007

Little monkeys on the run

I almost forgot, while we were in Animal Kingdom, the boys called..."Mom, Mom....come here...look at these little monkeys." We go over and these 3 little monkeys were standing on the hand rail and in some could have touched them....I am thinking Wow this beats that petting zoo with the goats and sheep. Tommy gets real close to take a picture. All of a sudden a worker comes with a walkie talkie and apparently these moneys escaped from their area which was surrounded by water and they usually don't cross water. The trees by the railing had grown enough and they jumped over. She said .." I'm glad you didn't touch them they have razor sharp teeth and are aggressive. What a fun trip that could have been....getting Rabi shots on our Disney trip. And out of the whole family I would have been the idiot who would try to pet the little monkey ( I didn't)

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