Friday, February 29, 2008

Sydney's Progress

I have not posted much on what Sydney is up to these days so I thought I would share these milestones.

Sydney is very mobile right now and running me ragged. She is crawling everywhere, and pulling herself up on things. She also is falling down and bumping her head. She really wants to climb and I fear she will be climbing out of her crib when the time comes. She also loves anything that is not a toy, remotes, phones, calculators etc. Now that she is mobile she is not so content being held and is always trying to get down.

She is about 17 pounds and loves food. Not baby food...our food, she has not turned anything down. Her favorites are avacodos, yogurt, chicken, roast, refried beans (messy later) hot and sour soup and tofu. Yes she is only 9 months old and the doctor would cringe but she wont eat baby food, only the bananas....oh well. She does feed herself by picking up the food with her fingers but still wants me to hold her bottle. She has 2 teeth on the bottom and the top 2 have just started to cut the gum so today she was cranky pants.

She is saying hi, Dada and Mama. She blinks her eyes and shakes her head NO, although I don't think she understands it means NO.....but will all too soon.

She LOVES Walmart or anywhere that she sits in a shopping cart....she can last for hours...she also loves going out to eat and sits so well in the highchair. This was something we never did with the boys because it was a nightmare. They hated it.

Sydney still sleeps all night and takes 2-3 naps a day unless we are out and about and then she just keeps on going without a nap. She still will not take a nap with me and loves her crib for nap time. I have tried to cuddle and I pretend to sleep and she will just smack me in the head and pull my hair and laugh and carry on...maybe someday she will take a nap with me. I need to be happy that she does so well in her crib.... I just would like more cuddle time.

Well thats all on her. I did just get a new camera for my big 40th bday tomorrow. I love it!!! I am practicing with it now and the photos in todays posts are from it. It is the Nikon D 40 and I hope to get more creative with it. I need to learn all of the features yet but am working on it.

My friend Sarah Apple left today for Vietnam to get her baby boy so congratulations Sarah and we will be praying for you and for a safe return.
I don't know why my pics turned out sideways but it took forever to upload them so turn your head.

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Jennifer said...

Blogger is not being cooperative... so if you get more than one comment from me... SORRY!
She is precious and amazing. I can't believe how much she has changed....
And.. I wanted to remind you that even though you are going to be 40... I'm still older! :)
Happy Birthday - I know it will be special this year!