Saturday, February 23, 2008


I love the picture of Sydney by the shows how tiny she is....she loves to look outside. I cannot wait until spring gets here to get her out more. The picture with her rubbing her face is her I want to go to sleep now look. I also included my haircut to show Lynn my updated more big hair.
I did finally get my tax stuff together and am praying for a decent tax return to help offset the adoption expenses. The tax lady has had them for almost 2 wks...I wish she would hurry up. But it is a relief to have them out of my hands.
Tom has knee surgery Thursday and is recovering well. In a couple weeks he will have surgery on the other knee which will be more involved but hopefully he will get relief.
A friend of mine has gotten her I600 approval to be able to travel to adopt in Vietnam...yippee. Prayers are answered.
Sydney is tearing up my office right now so I must cut this short. She is not happy unless she is getting into things. Ha...the fun begins.

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Jennifer said...

So sweet!!!! She is just tiny! I love love love your hair!! IT's so good to see all the pictures!