Sunday, September 7, 2008

where did summer go???

Summer is gone and boy does time fly. We have been so busy. We went back home to Pittsburgh in June and had a great visit with family and friends. We had lots of company this summer and I think the kids had a great time. Sydney got to meet cousins, and travel in a car for 7.5 hrs...she did much better than expected. The kids went back to school August 6th and are back to a routine again. Tommy is in the high school now (9th) Alex is in 6th and Anthony is in 4 th. They are doing very well and I am proud of them. Alex is taking saxophone in band and seems to like it. Tommy is on the Academic team again and Anthony wants to try out for the Academic team. Sydney is doing great...she is walking and running everywhere and NEVER stops. If she has nowhere to go she will walk in circles. This is why I never blog...either the kids are on the computer or Sydney is awake and not much gets done. My house cleaning now has to be done on weekends with help from the kids....they have been very helpful especially Tommy with housework....Anthony always volunteers to watch Sydney so he can get out of house work....but it helps. Sydney is around 19 lbs. now and is starting to say more and more words. she tells me "poo poo" when she has to go but not quite ready for the potty chair. We brought it out so she can get familiar with it but not going to rush that. Her appetite has decreased a little lately, I think it is because she is getting some teeth in including molars so she probably is a little uncomfortable right now. We are going to St pete beach ....Sydney and my mom...that is where Mom had lived until a few yrs ago... and we are taking a little vaca hurricanes cooperating hopefully. Should be aunt is going to meet us there and my sister from Pittsburgh is coming too. Well a small update but better than nothing.

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Jennifer said...

Oh Ruth! How precious!! I really enjoyed the video... I just cried and cried! BUt I cannot get over how much she has grown and changed. WOW!! Where does the time go? I hope that you are having a BLAST with Sydney... it looks like she is an absolute joy!! So glad that the boys are having a good time too! They are so handsome!