Saturday, September 27, 2008

Florida Pics

We had a great time in Florida. My mom got to see her sister and Sydney did great on the flights. Bad thing is she does not like the beach too much. I did get a few pics of her when she actually did play a little, but for the most part she wanted held. I hope next time she will do better. We found an octopus (small) and I took a picture of was actually hiding in one of the shells we got....I rescued him and put him back in the water....never saw one at the beach before. I love a vacation but it is always good to get home. I missed Tom and the boys, but this was mainly a vacation for my Mom so she could see the beach again and get to be with her sister. We keep trying to bribe the boys into going to the beach for Christmas and skip on presents....they are not all in agreement. I am not sure how hot it would be in Dec. but I would like to go to Sanibel Island ...we took the kids a year and a half ago and it was great. I cant believe a year ago we were on our way to Vietnam at this time ...Wow, how time flies. I miss Vietnam...I really enjoyed it and what a beautiful baby girl we have. We cannot imagine life without her. October 2nd is when we first held her. We have been so blessed with all of our children.

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otterck said...

Glad to hear about your trip. I miss Vietnam too -- but I miss that nasty dried fruit stand the most, don't you? ;)