Sunday, May 2, 2010

What we do all day

Took some pics of our day on Friday ...thought I would document our day.

Woke up 5:45 am, eat, got kids off to school, dropped the boys off at three different schools, picked up "Grammy" and headed back to the house cause it was a beautiful 85 degree day and we spent the day outside.

Sydney rode her car on the deck

Grammy sat in the sun
Sydney rode
And rolled
down her coaster
We watered
and watered
and talked to
our garden
with our new watering can
we climbed
and climbed
up to
our slide
so proud she can
do it by herself
we rode like a big girl on the road
in the grass
a bridge
and took a break
to pick some flowers

then we had to take Grammy home, pick up some boys from school, came home and

cooked homemade pizza

Bugged big brother for a ride

And then we all worked on the yard........ then to bed to start over again!!!

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Bonnie said...

that was a REALLY CUTE post!! i loved how you broke up the sentence with each picture! you have inspired me to do "a day in the life of the Riffles post". that is a really cool idea!