Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kentucky Down Under

No news on the adoption. We have not gotten any updates or new pics yet. Hopefully all will go well for travel in September. In the mean time I have been keeping busy with the boys and my Mom as well as getting some cleaning done. I have not been as energenic with the heat and humity....I LOVE FALL and welcome it....not much of a hot weather person. I took the kids to Kentucky Down Under on Thursday. We had a great time. Alex took his camera he got for his birthday and took some pictures. We got to pet a kangaroo, feed sheep, milk a cow and got to go in a cave. It was pretty nice. I especially enjoyed the cave since it was 60 degees in there. I didn't want to come out. The kids are getting anxious for school and we got their supplies last week. Trying to enjoy the last bit of vacation before our routine sets in. I will keep you posted if anything new and exciting happens.

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