Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Mom's 80 th birthday and Vaccines

Its been a while since I have entered anything. We have been very busy. Summer is flying by. Mom had her 80th birthday on June 28th and my brother came from Pittsburgh to surprise her. We had a great time. We had a cookout and had great hot weather to use our pool. We have also been trying to finish up some projects around the house. We always have too many started and not enough finished.

On the adoption referral yet ....I won't speculate either July or August. We did get our vaccines last week ....Japanese Meningitis, Yellow fever, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid...and we get to go back in a week for one more and then 30 days after that for another one. We also got a prescription for malaria pills and Cipro (antibiotic) to bring with us. Tom did great with the shots I had muscle aches and the worst headache for 2 days but I am doing good now.

I did have an issue with the I171 H , apparently I filled out the application wrong (go figure) so for another 200 $ and a new updated form they will fix my mess up. Hopefully it won't take long to get back. It is a quick fix...all they need to do is forward my original application to the Embassy in Vietnam...I apparently did not check the right block when filling out my application. I still don't quite get how that should cost 200$ ....but then there are a lot of frustrating things about this whole adoption process that I just don't get so I can add it to the list. Sherrell from my agency said it was not a big deal and it won't change our referral, so that is somewhat encouraging. I just didn't handle the news well and had a rough week. Tom bought me roses with an "It's a girl" card and balloon attached to them. He wrote some nice things and told me we will get through this. It was very nice. We saw Evan Almighty this weekend and at one point "God" said...."When we ask for patience, God does not just give you patience.....He gives you opportunities to be patient." That really hit home. I have had soooo many opportunities to be I have to really work on it.

Tommy is going to church camp and before you know it the kids will be going back to school...they start back on August 6th this year. Well , that is all for now...until next time.

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Miss Cleo said...

Happy birthday mom.

I am sorry you screwed up the 171. Not fun, and apparently not cheap. Oye!